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Results 4th Qualification Tournament

Was a great event yesterday. A lot of cool fights and very respectful behaviour from all teams. We could see why the Shooto Swiss teams are the coolest teams in the world.

Some keynotes that shows the sportsmanship:
– A coach borrows the pads from the opponents coach because he forgot to take
– All swiss team weighed in at time and only two fighters were a little overweight in the first try (in the second try all fighters made weight 30min after)
– A coach gives vaseline to the coach of the other fighter because he forgot
– The doctor had to stitch some cuts, but no serious injuries
– Respectful meant shake hands and nice words after the fight, touch gloves before the fight
– Not a single “Boooh” from the audience
– Clapping hands also for the looser of a fight
– Not a single intentional foul
– Not a single accidental punch on the ground
– No serious injury in 15 full contact (and very wild) fights
– No bad looks between the fights
– No complaints from coaches and fighters
– crisp and clean standup fighting
– crazy skills on the ground
– If a fight was close, the commission explained the losing party why and how he lost the points so they know for the next time…

Damn guys, you’re great. Keep the good mood up, because fighting is FUN!



Shooto 4. Qualifikationsturnier  
Budokai Dojo Liestal
5. Oktober 2013

Roland Laritz bes. Maxime Vial via Rear Naked Choke nach 2.07 min in Runde 2
Mithat Kucevic bes. Shamil Amriev nach Punkten

Emerick Youmbi bes. Vardges Arakelyan nach Punkten
Anthony Riggio bes. Amza N’dam via Rear Naked Choke nach 0.36 min in Runde 1
Amer Salhi bes. Nils Dekalbarnatrn nach Punkten
Yann Aka bes. Laszek Dolezal nach Punkten

Yannick Reyren bes. Massani Juno via Americana nach 2.09 min in Runde 1
Daniel Konrad bes. Daniele Spalluto via Guillotine nach 0.29 min in Runde 1
Gabriel Goncalves bes. Florent Burillon via Guillotine nach 0.17 min in Runde 2

Michel Bounoung Achille bes. Yannick Frachon via Americana nach 1.52min in Runde 2
Lukombo Domingos bes. Mario Cindric via Armbar nach 1.18 min in Runde 1
Roman Bartholet bes. Ahmed Arabdji nach 1.11 min via Verbal Tapout in Runde 2

Robin Wildhaber und Gold Omotayo endet als No Contest (Accidental Eye Injury) nach 0.25 min in Runde 1
Kushtrim Morina bes. Jason Steffens via Heel Hook nach 0.47 min in Runde 1

Luc Ngeleka bes. Javier Fraga nach Punkten

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